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The news is broken

In the US, nine out of ten news stories are controlled by only five corporations. Unbiased news with no political leaning, and different perspectives, is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to find. It’s time to fix the news. Together.

Change the news, the world will follow

What we hear and read affects everything in our lives – the food we eat, the things we buy, the people we vote for and trust. The news shapes how we think about the world. When we are in control of the news, we make better choices, we hold power to account, we elect better leaders, and we can even stop wars.

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In your personal Newsvoice feed you see the latest, top, and trending stories, with all their sources listed and labeled. You spend less time and effort staying truly informed. With unbiased summaries written by our readers and vetted by professional journalists, it’s quick and effortless to find the independent news reports that truly matter.

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Newsvoice is built and shaped by our community. As a reader, you can upvote stories that you find important so that more people will see them. Anyone can add missing stories and sources. For the first time ever, there is an entirely open and democratized platform for journalism. Together, we are building the largest and best unbiased news app on the planet.