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Would a $1,500 payment make you more likely to get a COVID vaccine?

Would a $1,500 payment make you more likely to get a COVID vaccine?

While American citizens are eager for another round of one-time stimulus checks, the US government is keen on getting the American public vaccinated against COVID-19. Former Congressman John Delaney has come up with a proposal which could help both sides: the government could look at providing stimulus checks to people, in exchange for getting vaccinated.

Tom A
Tom A
Rocky 2 months

Nah. My health is worth more than a bad weeks pay. I'll pass thank you. Besides I'm already immune after recovering from it recently. Far less symptoms from the virus than vaccine side effects being reported too by the way.

Anony 2 months

Not until about 6 months to a year had passed to see if there are any serious side effects of other complications related to the vaccine.

chris 2 months


SD 2 months

Would I still receive the $1,500 if I took the vaccine overseas or is this an indirect way to deliver money to US health care industry operatives?

David 2 months

Sign me up, and let all the 5g anti vaccine conspiracy theorists catch covid for all I care.

Viviko 2 months

I’m going to get vaccinated either way. Just to get everyone around to shut up about this stupid doomsday mentality. So, the $1500 would just be a bonus.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Ha. Haha. No. That is extremely orwellian.

Trevelyn 2 months


D 2 months


Deborah 2 months step get on the trains. Vaccine HA, more likely a death sentence to many. Unproven. Untested. And now the use bribery to attempt mass testing of something. The 3 past president who are so willing to jump onboard...well they are part of the club Carlin spoke of. You ain't part If it. They'll get B-12 shots. You get the guinea pig shot.

Donald 2 months

NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cut off my head first!!!! Not falling for it!

Foshizzle 2 months

Bribery.... Umm no thanks!

chris 2 months

Not even 15k.

Mike 2 months

Id pay to get it

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