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Maduro and allies to win back Venezuela’s Congress

Maduro and allies to win back Venezuela’s Congress

A five year struggle by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to reestablish his image as internationally recognized democratically elected leader is nearing another milestone. Maduro and his allies are set to win control of the National Assembly in elections Sunday, adding to a whole bunch of problems which US-controlled Juan Guaidó is facing. The opposition has called the polls a ’fraud’.

axl4r 2 months

The spanish socialist Joseph Borell and foregin minister of the EU came to the conclusion that it wasn't even worth it to send observers. And he really wanted to. There is just now way of getting a fair election in Venezuela at this moment.

IvoryDove 2 months

Their "mail in" ballot process was a huge success along with their Twitter and Facebook campaigns to squelch "fake news" like "people are starving in Venezuela".

skrappjaw 2 months

Funny how they never tell us the specifics of how the election works, what voting machines they use, or what evidence was brought forth to say the elections were rigged. They just lable and frame it like they do here.

Rocky 2 months

So they got dominion voting systems there too! Wow how progressive!

Foshizzle 2 months

Did they use our voting machines?

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

I wonder if they used Dominion software

Jon 2 months

Why are we calling and election that has not been completed yet. We can't even figure our own election out and here we are putting our input into Venezuela? We need to shut the hell up and just leave everybody else alone. You don't put out a neighbors house fire when yours is burning down

Jon 2 months

Because people can absolutely be convinced to vote against their own best interests.

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