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’China greatest threat to world freedom since World War II,’ US spy chief says

’China greatest threat to world freedom since World War II,’ US spy chief says

John Ratcliffe, director of US National Intelligence, said in a WSJ op-ed that China presents the biggest global threat to democracy and freedom since World War II. Ratcliffe also said China is actively indulging in economic espionage to ’rob, replicate and replace.’ He also claimed that China stole US defense technology to ’fuel’ President Xi Jinping’s aggressive military modernization plan.

ben 2 months

The CCP is a totalitarian government headed by a dictator for life that openly espouses Han racial, cultural and historical superiority. If this doesn't sound familiar to everyone we deserve what is coming. It is time that civilized countries unite together to stop this tumor growing on the freedom we have fought and suffered for, before it overgrows us all. “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.” Sir Winston Churchill,

IvoryDove 2 months

Nixon "F'ed up". His ploy to get China to join the free market actually has left them communist and the rest of the world bending over to make the communists happy.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

Yeah, tell me something that's not obvious. Literally harvesting organs through concentration camps among other things.

Rocky 2 months

I don't know. I feel like China is way up the list with Iran a distant second only because they don't have the resources to really damage America, but they certainly have the hate. Of I was pressed into choosing the largest threat to the American way of life and the American dream I'd have to say it's the progressive agenda.

Neil 2 months

Nope, they've got it all wrong. The US of A is a much bigger threat. For one thing, China is run by someone with a working brain, unlike the US that has to make do with someone with a single interest: himself.

Fake Doors
Fake Doors 2 months

Here we go, the war mongers beat the drums again. America's imperial capitalism has nothing left to keep itself alive than rob their own people and start wars with everyone else. Beautiful times ahead.

Seekster 2 months

This is serious yall. The CCP is an expansionist authoritarian regime that engages in ethnic and cultural genocide, operates concentration camps, violently suppresses pro-Democracy protests, and those are just the things that can be proven. The CCP is a Nazi level threat to the world.

David 2 months

How did all these commie defenders get in here?

Ianc 2 months

The biggest threat to world peace is you & your endless cold war mentality to keep the industrial war machine going at ridiculous expense to the American taxpayer, enough already.

MIDESSA 2 months

Really Chinas Americas biggest threat? Are they the ones creating the lack of confidence we have in our elections? Are they the ones that are causing fellow Americans attack each other over politics? I don't think so I think we as Americans are our own biggest threat. China and Russia only have to keep up their division based propaganda attacks (Fake news, voter fraud, abortion rights, border wall and white supremacy) and we will do the rest.

Nicholas 2 months

This isn’t new information, but I’m glad it’s being brought to the forefront of the media. The battle being fought with China has been fought with soft powers and economic stability. Without a moral compass guiding China’s economic decisions, it poses a huge threat to the free world when those soft powers turn hard.

Kalki 2 months

"World freedom" ..more like imperial capitalists freedom

C 2 months

The biggest threat to democracy is communism and the liberal media

Luke 2 months

This is dangerous as China turns into facist state!

John 2 months

The biggest threat to democracy at the current time is Donald Trump

Ted 2 months

Wow. A real hot take from him. If these are the bold conclusions you need to get to for that job, most of the country seems capable if handling it.

K W “Just me”
K W “Just me” 2 months

Perhaps racism and hate are the biggest threats.

Corvus Crow
Corvus Crow 2 months

This is about as much of a surprise as the sky being blue.

Ludu 2 months

Excuse me but that title belongs to the United States of America.

lashed 2 months

Yup. Great reset.

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