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Youtuber kills girlfriend after viewer pays $1000 to watch abuse

Youtuber kills girlfriend after viewer pays $1000 to watch abuse

A YouTuber from Russia has been arrested for allegedly livestreaming a video in which his pregnant girlfriend died after viewers paid to see her abused. Stas Reeflay, 33, forced his girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva, 28, into the subzero cold wearing only underwear upon the request of a viewer, who paid him $1,000 to see it. The woman died of suspected hypothermia.

Gordon 1 months

Jesus h! Vile horrific! Who does that to another human being let alone your partner and mother of your child!

Brutus 1 months

From what I read this kind of “shock content” has gone on for years, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that it was more or less staged and she was a voluntary participant. You have to realize the heavy media bias, and kind of break down what really happened. The guy is living streaming, accepting payments to do stuff on camera. This has happened for previous. Someone pays him $1000 and his girlfriend stands outside in her underwear. Appears she developed hypothermia and died. I will say I haven’t watched any videos on this so may be completely wrong, but it seems this would more likely be fantasy service then someone being dumb enough to repeatedly abusing their partner on camera, without being banned or arrested. But this did take place is Russia so who knows? If you have any additional details feel free to fill me in.

Gerardo 1 months

The youtuber and the people that paid should be arrested.

Joe da bro
Joe da bro 1 months

This is crazy who would do this

Eric 1 months

What the actual????? I seriously hate humans.

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