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Trump demands names of Congressional Republicans who recognize Biden victorious

Trump demands names of Congressional Republicans who recognize Biden victorious

On Saturday, Trump demanded the names of the ’Congressional Republicans’ who considered Joe Biden the winner of the Presidential elections. This call came in response to the survey conducted by The Washington Post which revealed only 25 Congressional Republicans to have accepted Biden’s victory. Trump took to Twitter asking for their names and expressing surprise at the number.

Kathy 2 months

This doesn’t need a “spin” it needs an identity cycle of those representatives who are willing to sanction stuffing ballot boxes with phony ballots, paying for and using ballot counting machines designed and used by dictators and people who are actively promoting “ the ends justify the lawless means” THOSE people are the ones he wants to identify in his party , not the ones doing this in the democrat party, they are beyond redemption!

Rocky 2 months

Weird flex by Trump on this one. He could have put it better and said "Why don't they congratulate him publicly then and show their support?" That would be far more demonstrative of his point. I get that he is just trying to show the public who are the establishment players, but this is probably not the most eloquent way to do it.

Aleks 2 months

If one person tells you you are drunk, maybe you aren’t, when many people start telling you you are drunk... well you probably are drunk... Kathy you are drunk.. DJT is a Pathological L.I.A.R not even his Republican henchmen can keep up with him

julnjus 2 months

Enough already! YOU LOST! Someone please medicate this overgrown orange toddler!

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 months

Watch amazing rally by Trump in Georgia. If the Republicans want the support of the 74 million Trump supporters they need to keep fighting for Trump to overcome the crooked election results, end section 230 and open tech and social media cos to liability suits and anti trust, renounce amnesty for illegal aliens and put a stop to the Mike Lee visa bill. If they dont do that many Trumpsters will stay home for senate election and get behind a new Trump MAGA party.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ devout centrist
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ devout centrist 2 months

Ohhh so THIS is why he wanted to make firing squads legal again, it all makes sense now!! Yeah, that doesn’t seem like something a fascist dictator would do, not at all 🤪

Erol 2 months

I'm a trump supporter, but even at this point I don't get how people don't realize, trump has pretty much lost, there is no hope here, everyone knows it but we the republicans, oh well come Jan we'll see

Aleks 2 months

So while trying to understand why so many people would damage America and support a toxic person like DJT I tried to find a list of accomplishments and failures. The failures are massive the accomplishments are mostly failures. Good things: a crime Bill with modest impact Bad things: caged kids, skewed the judiciary, undermined democracy, destroyed America reputation abroad, created a disastrous pandemic, squandered economic strength by giving give away to people that didn’t need it, put in charge a list of corrupted cronies, got impeached, encouraged racists and steered up racial tensions Oh.. yeah there is an additional accomplishments space force

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 2 months

Drumpf will fade away like a Turd flushed down the stool. Incompetent and uninformed just a Compulsive narcissist Liar.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 months

He's making a list He's checking it twice You'll find out Who's naughty or nice.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 2 months

What a petty child lmao

Highlander 2 months

These people need to be removed by the party and never be allowed to stand as official Republican party representatives. The party needs to throw their weight behind recall. They gained their seats through mis-representing themselves. They are absolutely not

Lord_DBT 2 months

Trump acts like a dictator, this could be used as a form of stochastic terrorism which he is kinda known for inciting now. This seems like an attempt to harass those who are not in his favour. If their were no restrictions Trump would probably be run like China's or Russia's current governments for the benefit of himself and not tge people. Idk though, I could be wrong but I don't get most of my information from Trump's twitter so that's why I don't think Trump is a good leader.

michael 2 months

Yes, let's give names to a vindictive tinpot dictator with a death cult. What could possibly go wrong?

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 2 months

Lee Kay Oh please do stay home in your Double Wide eating Mayonnaise sandwiches and listening to Steve Earl albums. Oh and YES! Do join Trump's Maga party! Being a Trump supporter you are no doubt unemployed which is great because then you can go to all his rallies. 🎵Happy Days Are Here Again!🎵🤣🇨🇦

Slava 2 months

Dictator much?

Daniel 2 months

Sounds like Al Capone when he said I want to know the guys who did this to me.

Eileeñ 2 months

When OAC made the point iff names was for a good reason valid b ut t here trump wanting names from whistleblowers to people that support or acknowledge Biden he want to know so he can go out tell people to start th ed trashing of a fellow supporters of his you know like what happened to Bill Barr if these people didnt give Trump so much power over them this wouldn't happen all collectively should push back against Trump and take the power they gave him this way you shut him down

Eileeñ 2 months

What we have here is Trump used them and the ed y used Trump but they didnt realize how opening pandora box would play out, trump grew up as an entitled child to and adult taking no responsibility for none of him wrong doing this a the result of that chaos if these people care for others they would show it they are however showing you that money is more important health they care about theirs so this is what we get they all should be voted out to much corruption

Christopher 2 months

Trump is an outsider and went into the office to break through the establishment on both sides of the aisle. He would be crazy not to do this.

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