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Scientists link radiation to mysterious illness suffered by US diplomats

Scientists link radiation to mysterious illness suffered by US diplomats

Directed radio frequency seems to be the most plausible explanation for mysterious symptoms experienced by US diplomats stationed in American embassies in Havana. Diplomats have been plagued with nausea, headache, dizziness and other unexplained symptoms. This ’Havana syndrome’ has long been the subject of intense speculation, given the nature of the symptoms and the location of postings.

J 2 months

If this is a strong enough source to cause symptoms, then it should be easy to detect and pinpoint the source. Something is not making sense with this news story.....a key part of this situation is missing.

IvoryDove 2 months

RF power meters are relatively inexpensive. Seems like a good idea to put one in the embassy and simply record RF power levels over time. I've seen buildings near LAX that had a tracking radar sweeping past them every minute that experienced 200V/m levels of microwave energy. I couldn't believe people were working in those buildings.

Donald 2 months

I will keep saying it a million times because once you see the blood brain barrier research done with EMF in multiple tests, multiple countries... You cannot unsee. Just like the cruise ship covered in hundreds of bird corpses from EMF...

Ellen 2 months

Again all speculation. No evidence, just what some writer thinks. A directed rf beam powerful enough to affect humans would be detectable even with hobbyist equipment.

D-Sense 2 months this article saying that Cuban’s are mounting something like a ‘microwave gun’ nearby the embassy and intentionally pointing it at US diplomat meeting rooms, resting areas and such? If so, is it that precise of an instrument or is there other non US bystanders posted up there showing the same symptoms?

Montgomery 2 months

I've heard of this before. And it seems like a plausable weapon. Ditect radio waves sent to directors seat will if in the right frequency cause cells destruction. We have the resonating frequency of steel, so cells won't be different. But mass scale weapons will be difficult And targeting diplomats seems self defeating though plausible

Dan 2 months

Nope its Covid.😄😄

Donald 2 months

Also anytime you see "mysterious", it's just EMF. Inb4 "more radiation from the sun 🌪""

IIZard 2 months

It's probably just rap music. I feel nauseous from that too

Indo 2 months

Somebody, Tech testing !?

big zac
big zac 2 months

It’s the 5 g towers again boys

chris 2 months

So, like HAARP?

Katharine 2 months

It's probably Cuba🇨🇺

Stacy 2 months

Blah blah; y'all know there's really only one way out where everyone wins and shit doesn't all fall apart, so what's the hold up aside from you're just that dumb?

OUTRAW mf 2 months

I'm just here for that awesome car

lildevil 2 months

Wait haven't this happened before?

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