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Trump campaign files new lawsuit in Georgia challenging election result

Trump campaign files new lawsuit in Georgia challenging election result

The Trump campaign and Georgia’s Republican Party filed a new lawsuit Friday challenging last month’s election result, alleging demonstrable incidents where Georgia’s election laws were violated. The campaign said the lawsuit would challenge more than 100,000 votes. The Trump campaign said the Georgia lawsuit would include sworn statements from local residents alleging fraud.

Rafael 2 months

I am so sick and tired of these Republican sore loosers who are making up lies about our electionsand then they bring in these crazys witnesses to lie. Giuliani and all these crooked lawyers should be arrested for bringing up these falls charges in an attempt to overthrow our elections. The whole damn gop should be in jail their nothing but a bunch of power grabbing thugs who don't want to loose their power and their money.

Commodore 2 months

You mean we get to watch der Führer Trump lose AGAIN?! Yes, that's awesome!! I can't wait.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 2 months

This is the same mentality that if someone dies in an online match, the opposition MUST be hacking.

Aleks 2 months

So while trying to understand why so many people would damage America and support a toxic person like DJT I tried to find a list of accomplishments and failures. The failures are massive the accomplishments are mostly failures. Good things: a crime Bill with modest impact Bad things: caged kids, skewed the judiciary, undermined democracy, destroyed America reputation abroad, created a disastrous pandemic, squandered economic strength by giving give away to people that didn’t need it, put in charge a list of corrupted cronies, got impeached, encouraged racists and steered up racial tensions Oh.. yeah there is an additional accomplishments space force

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 months

Aleks it is now official. There is no cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome. You are excused, as it's also extremely more contagious than the Chinese common cold pandemic. The media are the host vector.

Gloria 2 months

Trump had no evidence of votes fraud. When will he really it's over. Move on.

Eric 2 months

A fantastic list of marching articles. Well done!

Marcin 2 months

You know, after 40+ dismissed lawsuits, you would think the fraud train would start losing steam. Yet somehow, after over a month of the Trump team’s consistent failure to provide credible evidence, it miraculously gains fuel. I’m not one for throwing around the term cognitive dissonance, but this has to be the best example of it I’ve ever seen. They keep losing, yet the followers believe it more and more. It’s a bit scary actually.

Indo 2 months

He really has the gall doesn't he. Among cherry picking peoples its a real spotlight. But NNE seem to see the reality of it, at all.

Dayquan 2 months

The thing is everybody knew that Trump was a sore loser and he talked about some running in 2024 okay only thing is he had to sign something that will give him in his family immunity so they can't be tried for old crimes let you know that he was doing something while he was in office If It Moves Like a snake sound like a snake what is

Eileeñ 2 months

So Biden should do the same on the states he lost. Ok this only fair.why should trump be the only one to sue Democrats state Biden should sue the Republicans states.

Rocky 2 months

I'm not shocked considering the new evidence brought forth. What a mess unsolicited mail in voting was! It has opened up so much liability for the security of the elections. Faith in the system needs to be restored by a full investigation of all allegations and prosecution of those responsibile. 47% of Americans don't believe this election was conducted legally and fairly. That includes 30% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans. Something needs to be done to assure Americans that each of our votes count the same as our neighbor's votes do.

Joe 2 months

Its no wonder people call this guy a man child. Sore ass loser.

IvoryDove 2 months

NPR. "National Public Radio". A propaganda mill for the US government that is as hardcore leftist as Mother Jones..... Funded by US taxpayers.

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 2 months

What has this headline got to do with the two source articles??

Sam Ess
Sam Ess 2 months

As Vox advances yet another article with a super-biased headline.

Lir 2 months

Once again Republicans are trying to disenfranchise voters.

Charles 2 months

I wonder if this one will be dismissed due to lack of evidence....

Jacob 2 months

Let them try to prove their case

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

kingrateffer is still grifting

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