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Trump holds rally in Georgia ahead of Senate runoff

Trump holds rally in Georgia ahead of Senate runoff

On Saturday, Trump rallied for Republican Senate candidates Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, stating repeatedly, ’You must go vote and vote early starting December 14. You have to do it.’ The rally held at the Valdosta Regional Airport was attended by ’several thousands’ of people where Trump emphasized that the Senate control ’really means control of this country.’

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 2 months

Actually, Trump can do both. And having seen some of his speech, he did just that. The base is fired up, the evidence is becoming too hard for regular folk to ignore, and the actions and inactions of the democrats are being scrutinized. This election ain't over yet.

E n
E n 2 months

Why is Trump so desperate for people to vote in a system that, by his own description, is rigged and dishonest and biased against Republicans? Surely he should be actually showing all the evidence of this before the election instead of just rambling?

Charles 2 months

A real leader here. You see how he breathed air in AND out? His suit too, he dresses better than any president. Great, tremendous speeches where he says words. Conservative words. Business and politics are like peas and carrots. Totally not the definition of Fascism at all.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 months

Incredible. A real leader with the People's interests in mind. He promoted and showcased the 2 Senators while making all his arguments for the crooked election results. He is not done by a long shot and Im talking now -not in 2024. He has 74 mill people fired up and right on his side!

IvoryDove 2 months

Questions : A) What's the ratio of "out of state" to "in-state" donations to these senate campaigns? B) What's the ratio of "out of state corporate/union/PAC" donations to "in-state citizen" donations? C) Who selects our elected officials?

DarkDayz 2 months

This is really stupid by I had to post. THIS IS WHAT A COURT WIN LOOKS LIKE..... Rudy Giuliani hailed a ruling in a Michigan court on Friday as a "big win" for Trump's election team - except it wasn't about the presidential contest but about a local marijuana measure instead.  A judge in Antrim County, Michigan ordered for ballots to be reviewed and preserved from 22 tabulation machines after a marijuana proposal narrowly won by a single vote, the Detroit Free Press reported on Friday. The order came after a voter had complained that the ballots were damaged during a recount causing the proposal to shift from a tie vote to passing by one vote. Documents relating to the order were released on Saturday by the State Court Administrative Office, the Detroit Free Press reported. The voter also alleges broader fraud in the Antrim election saying the "tabulators were compromised" and claiming that votes from Republican candidates were switched to Democratic ones, although this was not cited in the order. The allegations come even though Trump beat Biden in Antrim County by nearly 4,000 votes.

Barry 2 months

Since he scared all the Republicans away from voting he has to come down to get them to vote

karma 2 months

How did Joe Biden break his foot?.. sometimes children fight back

Eileeñ 2 months

Yes we know mitch gets sit on Bill's for years to come and care more about donors th azad n the peo pl le

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 2 months

Oh let these fools spin their wheels. They will run out of traction come January 20th. Most countries have already acknowledged Biden as president. To quote Trump: " Like a miracle it will all go away."🤣🇨🇦

karma 2 months

Where's Biden? napping Mrs Trump looked amazing

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

KingRateffer-With "Friends" like that, who needs enemas?

John 2 months

Stand with Trump, fall with Trump

IvoryDove 2 months

Trump is his own worst enemy, but the media tries hard to steal that title away from him.

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