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Black man fatally shot by Ohio deputy sheriff

Black man fatally shot by Ohio deputy sheriff

The police in Ohio have launched an investigation after a sheriff’s deputy fatally shot a black man in a possible case of mistaken identity. Casey Christopher Goodson Jr was returning home from the dentist when he came across a veteran Franklin County sheriff’s deputy, working with the US Marshal’s Southern Ohio Fugitive Task Force which had just finished an unsuccessful search for a suspect

Tom A
Tom A
David 2 months

I don’t believe the officer was just looking for someone to “slay”. There has to be some sort of context that is missing.... but if there is a proper investigation and that was the case, he should be thrown in jail. However.. "A gun was recovered from Mr. Goodson," according to a statement from Columbus Police. A tweet by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office said "the suspect's weapon was recovered at the scene." Family said there was no gun.

Matt 2 months

"A gun was recovered ...". Nah. Sandwich. Anyway, when do the riots start? We don't need to know the truth. Guy was black, that's good enough.

Tim 2 months

I want you all here to see this and tell me if this would have been the same outcome if he were black.

Josh 2 months

1,015 people have been shot and killed by the police in the past year.

Csaba 2 months

Brandished a razor knife and would not stop! Enough said.

Caleb Sharp (Politicallyundead)
Caleb Sharp (Politicallyundead) 2 months

Can we like...go at least a month without this happening? Please cops?

cooldude 2 months

Hmmm. Welp looks like there will be another BLM uproar...again

Matt H.
Matt H. 2 months

Maybe the state should not be killing its own citizens? Seems really challenging I know.

IIZard 2 months

Let me guess, this is the first case of actual grievance in a long time

WWIII 2 months

The “victims” race shouldn’t be released until AFTER an investigation is completed and facts are known... unless, they’re hoping for riots???

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