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Brexit: ’Significant progress’ in talks over fishing rights, says report

Brexit: ’Significant progress’ in talks over fishing rights, says report

Britain and the EU have reportedly made ’significant progress’ in Brexit negotiations on the rights of European fleets to fish in UK waters, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a trade deal between the two parties. The negotiators are discussing a ’landing zone’ which involves a phased introduction and also specific quotas for different species. Government sources however dismissed the report.

Angry_Face 2 months

Whats there to talk about!? Their our waters, 8f you want to fish in them you'll have to pay..... simples

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

It has been four years, five months and 14 days. Beauracracy will never stand by and allow itself to be deflated, contracted, or minimized.

Tiggs 2 months

What a joke the UK has become with this brexit debacle. They are fighting over an industry that is as big as the stand-alone shop Harrods, the Brits don't eat the fish you can catch in their waters! They sold their rights decades ago because of that now they want them back! “give it to me! Mine!“ 🍼 for what? The only countr''s that eats the fish you catch in those waters are the Europeans - the people you sold your industry too! - nevermind the conserns about the amount of plastic that we are ingesting by eating the fish from our oceans now because of pollution.... The Brits are deluded 🙄

Tom 2 months

What you basically mine is you caved and give them exactly what they want you're just trying to find a nice way of putting it

IIZard 2 months

More babble.

Bart 2 months

So I'm guessing UK cave in, unless I'm reading it wrong.

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