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Eight arrested in Hong Kong over university protest

Eight arrested in Hong Kong over university protest

Eight people have been arrested in Hong Kong over an unauthorized protest at a university campus last month. Over a 100 protested at The Chinese University of Hong Kong last month against a decision to hold graduation ceremonies online. Such gatherings are outlawed under the territory’s controversial new security law which Beijing hopes will stop the mass protests of recent years.

IvoryDove 2 months

Beijing should do like Gavin Newsom and just say they're shutting down (fill in the blank) because of COVID-19.

Addy 2 months

How very fitting yet ironic that these students graduating from an institution of higher learning should don a mask symbolising terrorism in support of a movement that, in part, condones terrorism as a means of promoting political change. It is as though they don't know Guy Fawkes's agenda was to pursue greater religious freedom, yet four centuries later today, we remember him as nothing more than a dangerous Catholic religious terrorist martyred over a frivolous selfish cause.

Indo 2 months

Wot ! Protesting, in Commie land. They be cuffed, kneeling with heads touching the floor now. Theyll break in a day.

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