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Several Covid patients die due to oxygen shortage in Pakistan

Several Covid patients die due to oxygen shortage in Pakistan

Seven patients being treated for COVID-19 have died after one of the largest hospitals in the Pakistani city of Peshawar ran out of oxygen supplies. The patients died on Saturday night when the vendor who supplies the hospital with medical oxygen failed to arrive in time. Authorities said the hospital’s board of governors had been ordered to complete an investigation into the incident.

Brianna 2 months

We have the same problem here, besides hospitals being swamped right now, besides them having to mount fields hospital and besides them having to bring containers as makeshit morgues, we do have a big oxygen issue. So sick of the “oh, it’s no big deal narrative. It is a big deal when loads of people get sick at the same time. It is a big deal if you need extra oxygen for a few days, and can’t get it. It is a big deal when docs and staff are exhausted and cannot tend to all patients. And aside from unnecessary death occuring, this will create more long haul people. And why is no one talking about it ? Long haulers are a proven thing by now. People who cannot go out and work due to debilitating symptoms, long after they healed. What are we going to do for them ?

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

purdy good for a hoax....

Alex 2 months

That’s one way to increase the death count.

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