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Jon Ossoff debates empty lectern in Georgia, slams David Perdue

Jon Ossoff debates empty lectern in Georgia, slams David Perdue

Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff came down hard on Republican Senator David Perdue after the latter failed to turn up at their debate in Atlanta on Sunday. Ossoff called Perdue a ’coward’ who displayed ’astonishing arrogance’. Ossoff and Perdue are vying for one of the two US Senate seats up for grabs in Georgia’s Jan. 5 runoff election. Perdue had declined to participate, last month.

Randall 2 months

OMG! Hahaha. And Perdue probably still expects to win! Lol What a Republican. Lol And when he doesn't win he's going to claim "Voter Fraud!" Right? They've all gone insane! What is going on with them?!

Jackson 2 months

Lmao, Perdue couldn't escape the debate! So it just turned into him getting verbally murdered!

Jon 1 months

🐔🐔" "w'at's the matter McFly? CHICK"N?"

Eric 2 months

Ossoff likely doesn’t know what courage is. What a piece....

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 2 months

He declined a month before and they still held the debate? I think his answer was pretty obvious.

16Sammie 2 months

What! Perdue is chicken poo...

Howard 2 months

What a coward.

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