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Blue Origin will take first woman to the moon: Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin will take first woman to the moon: Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin, a space exploration company by Jeff Bezos is aiming to carry the first woman to the moon, as the firm vies for a NASA contract to participate in the milestone mission. Bezos, the richest man of the world made the announcement in an Instagram post alongside a video from a test of the BE-7 engine that will power the lunar lander Blue Origin is developing for NASA’s Artemis Program

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 2 months

What kind of sandwiches?

Montgomery 1 months

So they are going back to the moon? What for we've done it already, send a probe... Why don't they land a person on a asteroid or Mars,... and don't tell be that the sex of the person makes the achievement better for a reason ...

Bryan_with_a_why 1 months

That woman looks an awful lot like Guliani

Tachyon 2 months

They should probably focus on getting off the ground first.

J 2 months

So a woman is automatically going to go regardless of qualifications? Sexism at it's finest.

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