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Australia to propose laws to make Google, Facebook pay for news

Australia to propose laws to make Google, Facebook pay for news

Australia’s government is set to propose legislation in Parliament on Wednesday that would mandate Facebook and Google to pay for journalism. The legislation to create the News Media Bargaining Code will be scrutinized by a parliamentary committee following its introduction and before lawmakers vote on it next year. Facebook has warned it might block Australian news content rather than pay for it.

David 2 months

Lol Facebook will just block Australian news as a whole. More countries should follow suit so Facebook actually takes a hit when blocking information... wait. They have already been blocking information....

O'Brien 2 months

Why the hell would you pay for it. Rip-off at any price.

Matt 2 months

How about form a government-backed, civilian-organized ethics firm that litigates news media when it posts clickbait or lies? We can trim the pool of media firms in half by making it competitive for producing information, instead of the current model, where WE are the product, and our attention is what they're selling advertisers. Your attention is being sold to advertisers. The news is just the hook, and they'll do what they need to sell your time.

Tom 2 months

Facebook is the "Ministry of Truth" from the book 1984... They are in league with the US libs and Chinese communists. Just watched the video last night with China bragging about how they control other governments. Facebook employs Chinese nationals in top positions and does their bidding. FB is DIRTY beyond belief.

IvoryDove 2 months

"News"? I think they mean to say "Propaganda".

Florkiller 2 months


Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 months

Good! Facebook is a horrible choice for news!

Josh 2 months

Something needs to be done to protect the local news business. We are all losers for its absence. For instance, corruption becomes more common when local papers close.

Jon 2 months

So what happens when Aussies start talking about the news stories on their walls? Is Facebook going to Ban people for repeating what they heard on the news?

Barry 2 months

Google and Facebook will just remove the functionality in Australia. Problem solved

Andrew B
Andrew B 2 months

It is interesting, the UK tried something similar to this a while back with Google. They wanted to drive more traffic to local outlets. Google told them that they were just going to pull service from the UK and made them back off.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Tabloid fake news is all they peddle

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