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Uber exits self-driving car sector, sells business to Aurora

Uber exits self-driving car sector, sells business to Aurora

Uber is selling its self-driving-car unit, Advanced Technologies, to start-up Aurora, headed by Chris Urmson. However, Uber has not abandoned self-driving cars. Instead, the company is investing $400M in Amazon-backed Aurora and is forming a technology partnership with it. Uber’s own plan to develop the cars has seen a rocky tenure with a deadly accident and government scrutiny.

Indo 2 months

Give a teen-aged child your gun and your carkeys. Then sit back relax and watch it unfold..

IvoryDove 2 months

Uber tried to exit, but found itself being dragged along the curb.

J 2 months

Here in the US, we can't even pay to maintain the roads our grandfathers built, let alone make them smart. Self driving cars are kabookie for the next 20 yrs...ain't gonna happen beyond one or two limited scenarios.

Ian 2 months

They were never going to be able to suddenly take on the cost of buying new cars, pay for gas, pay for oil changes, pay for tire replacements, fix suspension issues, emissions, tax, tag, insurance etc. They'll do what they're doing now & wait until people buy self driving cars & then rent them from those people at a rate that turns out to be a RIP off after you factor in expenses & wear & tear.

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 months

As someone who regularly visits a city where they are testing these cars, I’m glad. They drive slower than the speed limit and can’t take left turns until human interference. I love the tech, and definitely believe it’s the way of the future, but it really sucks being stuck behind one.

Eric 2 months

Good. If I’m going to pay for a service I’d like humans to be involved.

Indo 2 months

Now here's the thing, you know when .......

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