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US slaps sanctions on more Hong Kong officials over crackdown on activists

US slaps sanctions on more Hong Kong officials over crackdown on activists

The US has slapped new sanctions on Hong Kong officials over the crackdown on pro-democracy movement and moved towards welcoming the city’s residents. This comes amid bipartisan outrage by US political heavyweights over China’s treatment of activists there after a new Beijing-drafted draconian law was imposed. The government froze American assets and barred the entry of 14 HK lawmakers in the US.

Doug 2 months

Its okay. Biden, to please his Chinese overlords, will remove all sanctions as he's granting asylum to all the illegal aliens in the US.

C 2 months

Protest in America? change may start to happen.. freedom baby!. protesting in communist areas will end in your incarceration or death! Communisms number one priority must be to maintain control. (It's the only thing that it's good at) Since all that supported it at the beginning, never do when it's implemented, unless they're one of the few lucky rich which are now government officials. These government officials aren't chosen by talent, they're chosen by cronyism.. no elections... Now you have people that are inept in charge of your country. China and North Korea are perfect examples of this. There's no elections,no checks and balances, all free thinking is stifled, everyone is forced into the group think. There is not one person who is not in government that is happy that communism exists in their country. Everyone is scared, lives under oppression, happiness doesn't exist. You live one month like this, you'll be sickened by anyone who thinks anything Marxist is good. You'll realize they're just 'childlike thinkers' who have been fooled. (I am neither. I am a pragmatic thinker who does not support a political party, I do not support far left and far right ideas as they are both lead to identical governments with different political reasons behind them)

Arthur 2 months

free the entire world from the ccp repression! communism absolutly kills its own prolateraite!

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