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Biden may pick Gen Llyod Austin, former Iraq war commander, as defense secretary

Biden may pick Gen Llyod Austin, former Iraq war commander, as defense secretary

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to name retired General Lloyd Austin III as his defense secretary, according to a Politico report. Austin, the former commander of US Central Command, which is responsible for Iraq operations, retired from the military in 2016. He emerged as a frontrunner just days ago as calls were made to Biden to make more black appointments to top cabinet positions.

Doug 2 months

Please fire Newsvoice moderators approving random unrelated links, ban troll accounts posting baloney links, wasting your time a d mine! #NewsvoiceFail

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Yay a diversity hire! If your operation doesn't look like a bowl of skittles how can it possibly be efficient and good?

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 months

So he only became the front runner after calls for diversity... not because of his own merits? That is disgusting. He’s a pretty accomplished guy.

Adam Goodenough
Adam Goodenough 2 months

Biden is trying to hire as "diverse" as possible so he can use their identities to deflect from their atrocious records. Austin was in charge of the illegal war in Iraq and during his watch the US committed some of the worst war crimes on record. In addition, after his retirement, Austin then got a job at bloody Raytheon of all places. Forget griping about his identity and focus on the fact that he should have his rank stripped and be put behind bars!

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

Oh its colin Powell 2

Alana 2 months

Board of Raytheon = more bombs dropped in Yemen.

Jo'El 2 months

Yes, I believe he is in fact in charge of the pentagon.

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