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Second federal judge rules against Trump administration’s TikTok ban

Second federal judge rules against Trump administration’s TikTok ban

A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction preventing the US Commerce Department from banning transactions with TikTok. The Trump administration issued an executive order in August that would have blocked transactions between US companies and TikTok and WeChat’s Chinese parent companies, ByteDance and Tencent. The judge noted that ’the government likely exceeded IEEPA’s express limitations.’

Jon 2 months

Actually this is good to know. So apparently in the event that there is a software service that is being used to do bad things to Americans, but no crime has yet been perpetrated in America due to the server locations and internet mojo, the Executive branch is powerless to protect us? Because mid level judges will just overturn anything POTUS tries? What WOULD be necessary? What would it take for a software company to be legally and totally banned from operating in the US?

ben 2 months

A company from a communist country that forces company directors to be a member of the party and has unfiltered access to our personal data is worrying at the very least. What actually terrifies me is that this country has decades of experience of performing psychops on its own people and can bring that experience to manipulating public opinion in in our children. Imagine the untold damage they can do to our societies. Very simply, media is vitally important to our national security. No foreign influence should be allowed whatsoever, especially from a communist, dictator for life, bent on absolute power country like China. If the could buy our newspapers they would all read like the global times within a year. It blows my mind people don't see the danger of this country and its pawns having direct access to our child's minds and actions

Jeff 2 months

But muh ebil commies!!

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