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Breakdancing added to 2024 Olympic games in Paris

Breakdancing added to 2024 Olympic games in Paris

Break dancing has been added into the Olympic games. The urban street dance form created in the Bronx will become a gold-medal sport starting in the 2024 Paris games. The competition, to be called ’breaking,’ will debut with 16 athletes in each of the men’s and women’s medal events. Other new sports confirmed for the 2024 Paris event include skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing.

Peter 2 months

Why not beatboxing,catwalking,makeover championships,donut eating...too many donut eaters getting in charge of things..this is what you get when you give weirdos affirmative action...

ShivatheObserver 2 months

Lacrosse? Billiards? Squash? Motorsports? Kabaddi from India?.....Who tf considers breakdancibg a sport? There a drug testing pool for breakdancers? Jerseys? Approved shoes? Kinda retarded...

Ian 2 months

It seems that the Olympic movement is striving for wider appeal but actually selecting ludicrous so called sports which have no grounding in sports reality. They are blatantly ignoring many real regional & national true sports that ought to be represented far more deservedly than break dancing, thrilling as it is.

eagle 2 months

Damn so they’re putting in break dancing but they won’t put cross country in. Does anyone else see this issue here?

Conundrumb 2 months

I might find it interesting to watch, but I really dislike events that are judged like this. It's too subjective and susceptible to fraud or funny business. It's for the same reason, I dislike figure skating, as impressive as it can be. I guess we're calling it "Olympics 2024: electric Boogaloo"?

Big 2 months

If breakdancing is a sport, how about clogging, square dancing, waltz, bop or whatever you like to dance to. WHAT A JOKE!!!

Doug 2 months

So does this mean that the guys who identify as women will get to compete in the women's side of the event? Or does that only happen when the Olympics are held in the US?

Brutus 2 months

They should add poker, each persons starting stack is relative to their countries GDP

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 2 months

It should not be in the Olympics. Think about the long jump, there are no judges just who can jump farther, where as break dancing is not only judged but also an interpretation, judge A thinks it was good while judge B didn't like it, who is right? It might be my ignorance showing but how many judged events are in the Olympics?

ExElEmEnt 2 months

lol so much aggrievement in these comments

Matt 2 months

Wow and I thought the Olympics were stupid before but now they're just out doing themselves

Boudica 2 months

I'm still holding out for pole dancing...can you imagine the uniforms?

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 months

There is no hope! Humanity is truly doomed!

Arthur 2 months


Robo 2 months

Clown world.

Francisco d'Anconia
Francisco d'Anconia 2 months

C'mon "Call of Duty..."

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 2 months

Good God....

R_Forde 2 months

This is just a alternate version of gymnastics.

Indo 2 months

Well if that's the best you got, then that's it

Tim 2 months

I'm more surprised that breakdancing is still around, to be honest.

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