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Afghan civilian deaths from US air raids rose by more than 300%

Afghan civilian deaths from US air raids rose by more than 300%

A new study by Brown University has estimated that the number of Afghan civilians killed in air strikes carried out by US and its allies has risen 330% since 2017. In 2019, nearly 700 civilians were killed. This is the highest figure since the first years of the US-led offensive following 9/11. Researchers say the increase in air strikes was partly because there are fewer ground troops.

Reason 2 months

All the complaining about the Obama drone strikes from the right, but Trump’s first 2 years had more than Obama’s 8. 🤔

O'Brien 2 months

Trump is pulling the troops out of Afghanistan ( at last). Biden’s not going to do anything if he gets in.

Skeptic 2 months

Trump is (at last) pulling troops out but not entirely disengaging. So, we need to push Biden to finish the job.

Doug 2 months

Thanks for all the sizzle but how about the steak now? Vague statements don't give you the whole picture. The links don't provide the reader with anything except to tell you that the US is bad.

Masha 2 months

Yep. No, or almost no JTLO on the ground kinda tends to do that, unsurprisingly. Striking a needle with a sledgehammer generally turns out sour.

michael 2 months

And also partly due to restrictions being removed. Restrictions put in place because congress felt that obama was using drone strikes too much, but it's fine when it's a republican right? Didn't we say during bush that if a democrat did what bush did, republicans would be outraged. So a dem did what a repub did, and repubs got angry. Then they went right back to being ok with a war criminal president when it was their party.

Nate 2 months

We need to start charging our leaders and troops with war crimes. Maybe then they’ll actually make an effort to spare civilians

Leonard 2 months

Manure happens. Secondly, never trust a study from a liberal nutjob institution like Brown University. They'll simply tell you the study outcome they want you to hear; and it'll be anti-american at best.

Red 2 months

There is no reason to still be there. At this point we have become the terrorists.

LibertyForAll 2 months

The Image.used here is from a mosque explosion in Afghan back in October 2019

Dustin 2 months

do any of these articles state how much each country contributed to this 330% I don't want to waste my time reading trash

Rose 2 months

America is doing everything it can to become the most hated country in the world by all the killings it has been doing via drone specifically. Better thank God that Trump has been voted out, for hopefully Biden will be less of a war monger. Unfortunately, I think the military industrial complex won't allow that to happen.

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