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In England, William Shakespeare receives a COVID-19 vaccine

In England, William Shakespeare receives a COVID-19 vaccine

A man from Warwickshire, England, named William Shakespeare, has become one of the first people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine outside of a trial. The shot received by the 81-year-old, who shares a name with England’s greatest dramatist, inspired a huge reaction soon after. Some reactions online included: ’The Taming of the Flu,’ ’The Two Gentlemen of Corona,’ and ’Patient 2B or not 2B?’.

Iwoueven 2 months

Tbh I'm using this app to avoid this kind of "news". I guess at least we didn't get "Viruses hate him" at the end of the title... And yes, I am tremendous fun at parties.

parmo 2 months

Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast (Romeo and Juliet)

Unity.Nat 2 months

The very fact they are going to force you to get the vaccine reminds me very much of Xcom 2. Only this time there ain't no resistance to stop this.

Chris 2 months

I am ONlY interested for his health and safety and that we dont know from either his contracting covid or from that of the vaccine and to say advantage government in that when this mans time come to depart this "mortal coil" that the exact reason for his demise will not be post-mortem for that age group and in any case it would be marked with something other than vaccine. Indeed has there ever been a cause of death on the certificate of vaccine caused? I don't know this but I suspect it is 'no, never' as yet. But I DO know the danger of ADE especially in this age group and that in its own right is very worrying. Point is they are highlighting him now as the first male for the jab, but will they follow him all the way after and the other millions to follow? No.

Stacy 2 months

Hell of a thing science is. I have this theory and building a boat would prove said theory; so I have no problem aside from building said boat would offend everyone on a personal level.

Thomas 2 months

Very cool

Katharine 2 months

I can't believe that's his name.

Bobbie 2 months

Wow .. I am very happy to hear about the UK (William Shakespeare ) has bravely taken one of the first vaccine shot. Keep up the great work? From just myself, I want thank all the researchers, doctors, nurses and the all the support people around the world. You're Amazing. Oh yes I have to know the truth. Is Mr Shakespeare related famously Shakespeare?

Doug 2 months

Well, his head didn't explode, so I guess its a good thing. So how much is big pharma charging?

Vedran 2 months

How refreshing. What a fun story.

Brandon 2 months

I didn't know that William Shakespeare was even alive I thought he been dead for thousands of years. I guess dead people need to get a vaccine.

Miranda 2 months

I woke up after having a fever dream only to see this headline in my notifications and be even more confused

eclipseNF 2 months

Worse than covid

Just Chillin
Just Chillin 2 months

Fake news. Sad to see here

Change Matters
Change Matters 2 months

News flash: He's still a test subject

God 2 months

The irony

Jacob 2 months

By this point I don't think Shakespear needs a vaccine. Conserving himself for 400 years must be a record or something.

Saritha 2 months

I'm having some trouble processing this news and it's relevance

Glen 2 months

The old man and the vaccine. Cure or not.

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 2 months

Just a side note in July Phizer gave the Trump White House a chance to lock in an additional 100 to 500 million extra doses of vaccine. They refused. Now America goes to the back of the line of other countries who have contracts with Phizer. Now Trump is trying to save face by pushing his America First nonsense. Nope! Too Bad So Sad.😂🇨🇦

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