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Los Angeles deputies break up giant illegal party, arrest 158

Los Angeles deputies break up giant illegal party, arrest 158

Deputies in Los Angeles County broke up a giant illegal party and arrested 158 people. Out of those arrested, 35 were minors. Officers also found 6 weapons and rescued a 17-year-old human-trafficking victim during the raid. This comes at a time when Covid restrictions are in place in the county. LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said even without the health order, the party was criminal in nature.

Omega 1 months

This is a bad situation. It's a shame in a way that it is typically not the people who participate in these events that become ill. I don't want anyone to die, even those who risk their health. But it would be better for them to suffer the consequences of their actions rather than people one, two or three steps removed from the risky event. Plus the added toll on the healthcare workers.

dick 1 months

I like how the human trafficking thing was thrown in at the end like, "oh and btw, there may have been some human trafficking. Oh well."

Patty 1 months

The fools need to be stopped Can't people of color just follow the rules?

TheOtherBiden 1 months

Oh nooooo... cant let people have fun now can we? /s normally that would be a for real statement but yea. Anyone busting up human trafficking is good by me

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