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Huawei tested facial recognition to monitor Uighurs in China, report says

Huawei tested facial recognition to monitor Uighurs in China, report says

Chinese telecom giant Huawei and the country’s top facial recognition provider Megvii worked together on a facial recognition system to monitor China’s minority Uighur Muslims, IPVM reported. They developed the ’Uighur Alert’ feature, which uses facial recognition to identify a person’s ethnicity and generate an alert if he was a Uighur. China has locked up over a million Uighurs in labor camps.

Minty 2 months

WOW! Great breaking investigative lefty journalism verge . It’s like people who actually have been reporting on this stuff have been saying that since before 2017. But hey, at least you found it after licking salt you snail journalists

Montgomery 2 months

And the majority of leftists still state that you cannot be racist if you are not white...

David 2 months

This is absolutely effed.... what a clear example how what can seem like a good technology, be used for something so terrible. Uighurs getting targeted, the ones they put in concentration camps with forced indoctrination and sterilization etc....

Jonny 2 months

I'm all for locking up people who choose to be members of a death cult. But I don't agree with locking up people for their immutable characteristics, nor do I agree with mass surveillance.

Patrick 2 months

Reading some of the stuff posted out here makes me cringe. If you're young, do us a favor and don't have kids.

AbsentSal 2 months

The lack of Islamophobia here is a welcome surprise

Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone 2 months

We should use this technology to lock up furries and weebs.

Wyatt 2 months

Hopefully if if the communist party starts using this tech, embargo from the US will be an option. Unacceptable.

IIZard 2 months

When was the last terrorist attack in China? And no, mass surveillance is wrong.

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