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Pregnant mother dies of coronavirus before being able to hold newborn son

Pregnant mother dies of coronavirus before being able to hold newborn son

33 year old Erika Becerra died on Friday night in Detroit, Michigan, after having tested positive for the novel coronavirus three weeks ago. She was eight months pregnant at the time of the diagnosis. As her condition worsened, doctors made the decision to induce her labor. Becerra consequently gave birth to her second child, Diego Antonio Becerra, a boy, on November 15.

Tom A
Tom A
Rocky 1 months

Wow. What an unbelievably rare case! There have been only a handful of people this age or less to fall victim to this virus. At her age you are at a statistically zero chance of death especially without comorbidities. Tragic outcome.

Anonymous 1 months

Not being insensitive here, that is a very sad story and I send my sympathies to that family, but test that baby's blood for COVID antibodies right?

Rocket 1 months

Just more Fear-Mongering by LAMESTREAM MEDIA garbage dumps! Why don't they report how many mothers "died from _____ before holding their baby"... with other causes of illness?! What happened to the Seasonal Flu this year?!! It appears that Covid picked up where the Seasonal Flu left off. It appears to make better headlines and Clickbait when these "news" outhouses cite Covid as the "cause" of anyone's death! 😭🤣😂 The lesson here is 'on't be a weak-minded 🐑🐑🐑

Meyer 1 months

Not the first mother to die after giving birth. Yes, it's tragic, however I do not appreciate the angle this headline is trying to make with that headline. It's very manipulating.

jen 1 months

Your immune system is not functioning normally during pregnancy, so pregnant women are at a higher risk of dying from many things. Among first world nations, America is the worst at maternal health outcomes and deaths.

Met Man
Met Man 1 months

It's not that shocking to be fair. We know that overweight people are more likely to get complications from covid, and pregnant women tend to build up quite a bit of weight. Also, was it know whether she was a smoker before getting pregnant? These factors all could attribute to her condition becoming worse. It is however deeply sad what happened here and I really feel for the father who now is left to raise the kids by himself. I just hope the guy has the support he needs.

Amoneywilson 1 months

3 weeks ago she was tested, she definitely did not die because of covid.

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