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Elon Musk confirms he has personally relocated to Texas from California

Elon Musk confirms he has personally relocated to Texas from California

Tesla boss Elon Musk confirmed that he has personally moved to Texas. This comes after a series of clashes with California’s Alameda County officials on the forced shutdown of Tesla’s Fremont factory over workers’ safety norms. At a WSJ event, Musk, replying to a poser on his residence, said, ’Yes, I’ve moved to Texas. We’ve got the Starship development here in South Texas, where I’m right now.’

Bryan_with_a_why 2 months

Atlas is shrugging all over the country. Sad that we've gotten to this point, but it's a beautiful thing to see evil not prevail. Sometimes the only vote that matters is your feet or the almighty dollar. Good on Musk for getting out from under that steaming hell hole before the pile collapses.

David 2 months

Articles don’t mention it, but I’m sure it’s also heavily related to the tax spike on businesses/ owners who make a lot. So many people have left because they don’t want to pay more taxes that are already incredibly high. Cali raises taxes and ironically gets less in revenue from people leaving.

Garthak 2 months

You mean when you overtax the rich , and make a bunch of nonsense laws, said rich leave for greener pastures? Say it isn't so! Who could have predicted such a crazy turn of events.

IvoryDove 2 months

Big companies are bailing from the socialist state. HP also moved from Palo Alto to Houston.

Foshizzle 2 months

Lovely left Cali is running everyone off. I'm worried that their wacko politics will spread also by those that are fleeing.

Trevelyn 2 months

Leave the stupid shit in texas . Or your going to get your feelings hurt

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 2 months

It must be because the penalties for fraud are easier in Texas.

Jack 2 months

Rich person wants more money than what they have been raking in their current state, locates to new state for money. This isn’t news. Money has always ran from counteractive legislation towards the exorbitantly wealthy.

Karl S
Karl S 2 months

Now I hope he stops voting Democrat!

Montgomery 2 months

California got woke and went broke

bradthedesigner 2 months

Also, Texas is awesome.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Good man.

Davey 2 months

Borders, Nationalism and community are only a useful tool to distract and divide the people.

John 2 months

Be ready for jet-pack man sightings near DFW

John 2 months

Well he’s a smart guy.

david dindu
david dindu 2 months

This is how red states turn blue folks. Cali used to be red btw

Seekster 2 months

We are happy to have you here Musk!

Mpcooner 2 months

Smart man.

James 2 months

Elon Musk has 'personally' moved to Texas ? How else would he move to Texas ?

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