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US government, 48 states file antitrust lawsuits to break up Facebook

US government, 48 states file antitrust lawsuits to break up Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission and 48 states filed lawsuits against Facebook on Wednesday seeking to break up the social networking giant over charges that it engaged in illegal, anti-competitive tactics to crush smaller competitors. Federal and state regulators said Facebook’s purchases, especially Instagram for $1B and WhatsApp for $19B, eliminated competitors that could have challenged Facebook.

MyVoice 1 months

Finally something good. Now break up Apple and Amazon. Both keep billions in off shore accounts and evade taxes.

MyVoice 1 months

Pity these authorities didn’t act when Adobe became a monopoly by buying Macromedia.

Rocket 1 months

Good! That censoring COMMUNIST 💩punk has contributed to election manipulation and election fraud. Time to be held accountable SUCKERBERG!

Diddy 1 months

The reality is the MSM now has a concerted interest in breaking up Facebook because social media poses a direct threat to their business model. It also poses a direct threat to Democracy, and the MSM wants exclusive control back. Case in point - where was the MSM covering Facebook's reckless disregard before? Where we're they during the whole Orange Man Bad of the last four years? Nowhere. They were in lock step with social media and now they want it all back.

IvoryDove 1 months

Here's the solution.... Restrict campaign donations to registered voters in the district of the candidate. That will eliminate the graft and corruption in DC that has given favors to big corporations, unions and special interests. Then limit donations from citizens to $5k per race. That will eliminate the unfair advantage of billionaires. Then the political class will be forced to represent the public.

O'Brien 1 months

Nuke them all from space.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

And then bureaucratic machine does what bureaucratic machine does best - fill forms, assemble committees, hold hearings, have meetings, pass memoranda, fill more forms, reassemble the committees, hold additional hearings, pass supplental memoranda, and keep doing that as long as it takes for public interest to dissipate. Do you really believe anyone there wants to get anything meaningful done in this regard? Definitely not. Leonid Illich Biden and his collection of individuals bursting with "true leadership" will care to that. Time to start abandoning hope and getting ready to winter. Winter has come.

Robert T.
Robert T. 1 months

Interesting as a retrospective move , but where was the FTC when the acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram were previously approved?

Indo 1 months

Now if only they had taken affirmative action on Microsoft then, this mess wouldn't have been. Chain reactions in big tech cannot be controlled if not done promptly.

Barry 1 months

It appears that we need more and more and more regulations

JoeSchmo 1 months

Note to Dorsey: you’re next

Albert 1 months

Maine Zuckerberg will at least get more than a chastising this time

Barry 1 months

Ban billionaires!

Pocky 1 months

We need to break all of these make a corpse that are taking up the comments.

IIZard 1 months

Fu©k the mega corps.

Jon 1 months

Yes! More! Get Alphabet too!

Arthur 1 months


IvoryDove 1 months

Only 10 years late.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 1 months

Why is there a picture of a wax dummy in the main image?

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 months

Good screw monopoly* *when achieved through devious means to squash free enterprise and competition

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