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Google will investigate what led to AI researcher’s exit: Sundar Pichai

Google will investigate what led to AI researcher’s exit: Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google issued an apology for how the abrupt departure of a prominent AI researcher last week has ’seeded doubts’ in the company. Pichai told employees of Google that the tech company will begin a review of the circumstances leading up to the exit of Black computer scientist Timnit Gebru. Gebru said she was fired last week, while Google has described it as a resignation.

Tom A
Tom A
Barry MC
Barry MC 2 months

It feels like "black" is a title now with the way it's pasted in front of this woman's name all the time. I can't imagine how belittling it must feel to be at the top of your field and well respected and yet the first description out of anyone's mouth is about your skin tone.

Aaron 2 months

I thought Google got rid of evil, I believe evil is now non-binary and has been given a new definition change, even though evil is still evil, as defined in the book HATED by the LEFT called the bible. The LEFT has been trying to get rid of the bible as long as I have been alive because the Left's actions are defined in the bible as evil. Also the LEFT s push for the hate speech junk is the attempt to cancel the 1st amendment and of course the guns, the rule of law, U.S. capitalism, liberalism, and so on.

Indo 1 months

Wow how racial distinct we are. She's Black !? What a vile thing to say !? A real whitehead attitude this is.

Brad Stauber
Brad Stauber 2 months

That's because it has become a title. Normalizing the practice of identifying your ethnicity before your individuality....

Matt 2 months

If you weren't evil, we could trust you.

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