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Principal sues school district after being fired for sharing conservative memes

Principal sues school district after being fired for sharing conservative memes

A Pennsylvania elementary school principal has filed a lawsuit against the school district claiming that she was fired from her post after sharing conservative memes on her Facebook page. Amy Sacks, the former principal of Evergreen Elementary School, is suing the Perkiomen Valley Public School District to get her job back along with $500,000 for the ’emotional turmoil’ she has been put through.

WWIII 2 months

It’s sad that in a free country people lose their job for having their own normal opinion because we have to pander to the lefts feelings or we’re “racists, mysogonists, transphobic” or some other bs terms the feeling police decide just because we don’t agree with the views of the liberal left.. people seriously need to wake up and see that these people are destroying our freedoms!! People need to be better parents so their kids don’t end up liberal, or maybe we should prosecute them too...

snarley 2 months

Except you're a civil servant....being that you're a public school that means you don't post your political beliefs out for everyone to show restraint....and tact....two words most Republicans cant spell...much less resemble.

Glen 2 months

Everyone knows that liberial schools and Unions spread liberial propaganda. But if your conservative your fired. These are the people who deprive our kids of knowledge to make informed decisions in life.

Seekster 2 months

When will people learn not to post on Facebook. Another person loses their job because of their online activity.

Not Extreme
Not Extreme 2 months

Another MAGA deplorable.

Miguel 2 months

As a Liberal I support her and hope she wins if what she says is true

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