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France unveils draft law targeting Islamist radicalism

France unveils draft law targeting Islamist radicalism

The French government unveiled a draft law Wednesday aimed at better arming the country against religious radicalism. This comes in the wake of a series of Islamist terrorist attacks. The legislation targets home schools, mosques or associations that promulgate an ideology running counter to French values. The law ’Supporting Republican Principles,’ directly mentions neither Islam nor Islamism.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Ok this is nice for Macron and the French people. I am glad that they recognize the difference between an immigrant that is willing to subsume themselves to the local culture and one that is not. Parts of this law also make it much more difficult to practice polygamy and forced marriages, which is a benefit.

Mathieu 1 months

What the law contains is a mixed bag imo. Criminalising doxxing and virginity tests is good but extending the ban on religious attire is an affront to religious freedom that I don't think is warranted.

Mark 1 months

Ironically religious radicalism is suffering intolerance to its intolerance. An ideology that has no other agenda but to serve humanity no matter what, has a much greater chance to impact lives and be accepted with moral authority than the one that seeks only to benefit its self. Why is it so hard to know the difference? Judaism, Christian, Islam, worshipers of any religion or not, have and always will have these anonymous, quiet and selfless good people of no want.

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