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Newsmax plans expansion to capitalize on Trump support

Newsmax plans expansion to capitalize on Trump support

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy has said the cable news channel plans to expand in the US and Britain. This comes as the network has been in focus in recent weeks, aided by shout-outs from President Trump on Twitter. Newsmax’s weekly primetime viewership has jumped 68% since the US presidential election. The network plans to hire more staff in the US and London.

Aleks 1 months

Like we need another nest of false prophets and deep fake opportunists. Shouldn’t there be a law against people that spew lies all the time?

Michael 1 months

I once watched Newsmax for a little while, and all i thouht was: „ Adolf would be proud of them.“

Montgomery 1 months

Fox was bought by Disney so a new right of centre news platform is required to balance out the multitude of left wing corporate platforms that rewrite events to their end...

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Spread the truth far and wide. Joe Paggs and ( WAR ) Wayne Allen Root are amazing while they are on.

william 2 months

Spreading Lies far and wider

Barry 2 months

Sheep follow the shepard

MIDESSA 2 months

Get it while they can once the flat earthers finally wake up this rag mag will be history.

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