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Germany opens antitrust probe into Facebook and Oculus account linking

Germany opens antitrust probe into Facebook and Oculus account linking

Officials in Germany are looking into whether Facebook’s controversial move to require Oculus users to connect to a Facebook account violates competition rules. Germany’s Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office) has ’initiated abuse proceedings’ against the social media giant.

Rose 2 months

I own an Oculus, and was told the same thing. I had cancelled my Facebook account several years ago, but was faced with the possibility of having to re-register. I still have a few months to consider it, but I'll wait for now. I have been told that if I don't use Facebook, most of the special features of Oculus will be disabled, but I will still have some of the purchased games and content. I don't think that membership in an external company should be mandatory to play a game or watch 3D content (unless the company is Oculus). Facebook has become a monopoly, and is already being told to sell off many of it's acquisitions like Instagram.

Peter 2 months

We are just setting things right here in Germany. 🇫🇷 France has already ploughed the path or furrow as it were. Those Tech Giants will have to pay taxes in the appropriate country of business. Like any other company in Europe.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 2 months

Yes. I dont need a Facebook account

Quix Nix
Quix Nix 2 months

Omg yeees

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