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Ohio deputy shot black man in the back several times, claims family

Ohio deputy shot black man in the back several times, claims family

An attorney for Casey Goodson Jr.’s family said that a preliminary autopsy report has shown that Goodson Jr. was shot in the back multiple times by an Ohio deputy last week. Sean Walton, the attorney said that ’Casey was not a suspect in any way shape or form.’ Relatives of the 23 year old have said he was killed Friday as he walked through the front doorway of his grandmother’s Columbus house.

Tom A
Tom A
Rburgoxd 2 months

In the washington post there is a conflict the family say "he had a sandwich not a gun" so there could be a criminal intent, but the police say "there was a gun in the scene" also someone said that (I am paraphrasing) "the cop said drop the gun" I'll check if I made some mistakes. Edit: yep, I think all is correct, if a mistake arrises please say so. Ps: there is no video yet, because the sherif has yet to provive one. (Because the only posible piece of solid evidence is the video from the body cam, that should have been in the body armor)

justsayin 2 months

Sweet! Meet me at Target... time to break windows and steal stuff!

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 2 months

Yeah, bet ya in didn't happen the way they're describing it though.

Franklin 2 months

💩 Headlines!

C 2 months

Oh great another racist based story. Planted by whom? "Freedom brings chaos" is what these sick Communists are now saying as they sow all the chaos. "Freedom brings greatness" is the true statement.

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