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Surfer dies after shark attack in Hawaii

Surfer dies after shark attack in Hawaii

A 56-year-old surfer who was bitten by a shark in Honolua Bay, Hawaii, on Tuesday has died on Wednesday night. The victim was taken to Maui Memorial Medical Center after being treated at the scene. He had had surgery and was reported to be in stable but critical condition. The attack occurred before the day’s contests at the World Surf League’s Women’s Professional Surfing Competition.

Tom A
Tom A
porcus 1 months

No details on why his condition deteriorated after first listed as stable. I thought he had a huge bite wound across his back, so maybe some sort of spinal wound or nerve failure?

Rich 1 months

Note to self: Sharks live in the water and will eat anything that moves

Patty 1 months

THAT is a horrible way to go

JoDaBubb 1 months


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