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Judge dismisses St. Louis prosecutor from McCloskey gun case

Judge dismisses St. Louis prosecutor from McCloskey gun case

The St. Louis prosecutor spearheading the case against Mark McCloskey, who along with his wife pointed guns at racial injustice protesters in June, has been disqualified from the case. Circuit Judge Thomas Clark II removed Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner saying fundraising emails Gardner sent to constituents that alluded to Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s case ’raise the appearance of impropriety’.

porcus 1 months

BWAHAHAHAHA! Adios, you hyperpartisan hack.

Josh 1 months

I agree she should be off the case. I hope this standard is applied to all the state AGs joining the Texas case. Are they making public judgments that asking the Supreme Court to eviscerate states rights in their state's interest or to set up future solicitations of donations.

Jon 1 months

This the same person whose office ordered fabricariob of evidence so that there would be a case? If the McClosky's get ANYTHING other than an apology from the case, it will be a travesty of justice. They were in the RIGHT.

Rocky 1 months

This while case should be dropped immediately. What a sham.

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