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FBI questions about Biden’s brother’s dealings with hospital company: Report

FBI questions about Biden’s brother’s dealings with hospital company: Report

As part of the federal investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s tax case, federal authorities in the Western District of Pennsylvania are reportedly also conducting a criminal investigation of a hospital business in which Joe Biden’s brother James was involved. Federal officials have reportedly asked questions about James Biden’s role in the business.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 1 months

A special prosecutor needs to be appointed now to investigate Joe Biden and his family. We have Hunter Biden's shady business dealings in Ukraine and China, we have the fact that Joe Biden successfully pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the top prosecutor in the country who was investigating the energy board Hunter Biden sat on. We have the fact Joe Biden's brother has made millions of dollars well Joe Biden has been in office. We also know many people that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden's brother have done business with have been charged by federal prosecutors.

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 1 months

Mmmhmm, what really annoys me is MSM now coming out saying investigations are going on. Before the election they suppressed it with false claims of Russian disinformation. Are they giving us the middle finger after swinging an election??

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 1 months

They were right! Good is coming from this election! The Biden Syndicate is finally going to come crashing down! If he actually becomes President, we'll see how long he lasts before impeachment. 🤣

Aaron 1 months


Douglas 1 months

Compared to Trumps family's crime's?

william 1 months

What evs

Aaron 1 months

Oh no not fred!

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