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World urged by Pacific nations to ’get serious’ regarding climate change

World urged by Pacific nations to ’get serious’ regarding climate change

All countries in the world have been urged to get serious about climate change and saving the planet, by Pacific island nations on the frontline of climate change, ahead of the UN-brokered talks to be held on global warming. Climate change affects the Pacific countries the most due to rising seas. The Fiji PM said progress had stalled since the signing of the Paris climate agreement 5 years ago.

Colin715 2 months

Sure “get serious” about the human aspect of it but climate change is still a natural occurence. We can reduce pollution but the climate changing can’t really be controlled.

Phoenix 2 months

The climate will change naturally. We just need to focus on pollution, not carbon emissions.

IvoryDove 1 months

Climate change is natural. Pollution isn't. We can't stop climate change. Pollution can be reduced, but it's a function of population. The solution the globalists will choose will be to reduce population and it won't be voluntary.

Rhokanth 2 months

The question isn't whether climate change is real or not. The question is whether we should spend resources combatting it despite knowing China, Russia, India and developing nations won't.

Patrick 1 months

Meanwhile... Brazilians are burning the rain forest. The world sets records for fires each year. Tundra explosions releasing methane in large volumes occurring at alarming rate. Climate control doesn't stop this. Animal extinction at a rate that is sickening. Enjoy it while it lasts. 5 years from now the big news will be about the uncontrollable spread of cannibalism.

Montgomery 1 months

I sail past this island every now and then. Can someone please show me where the rise in water levels are

porcus 2 months

3 Climate Cultist articles that are unrelated except that they are Climate Cult topics.

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