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Bloomberg news Chinese staff member detained in Beijing

Bloomberg news Chinese staff member detained in Beijing

Chinese authorities have detained a citizen who works for Bloomberg News in Beijing on suspicion of endangering national security, the outlet, and China’s Foreign Ministry said Friday. Haze Fan, a news assistant, was last in contact with one of her editors around 11:30 am local time Monday. Shortly after, she was seen being escorted from her apartment building by plainclothes security officials.

ben 2 months

I still can't fathom with all our knowledge of history and the outcome of regimes that act like this, that there are people that support the CCP... Just plain unfathomable.

Andreas 2 months

Another "spy" claim against journalists. The authoritarian regime feels threatened and act as authoritarian regimes always do.

brandon 2 months

Kinda a surprise. considering Bloomberg is so in the pockets of CCP. They would never do anything to lose their business in China. Look it up. It's a little disturbing.

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