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China says Canadians held for two years have been charged

China says Canadians held for two years have been charged

China’s foreign ministry said two Canadians held for two years in a case linked to a Huawei executive have been indicted and tried. Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat, and Michael Spavor, a businessman, have been confined since 10 December 2018. Their arrest had come days after Canada detained Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou. China said they are being held on suspicion of national security crimes.

D 1 months

Of course China was not going to let them see a lawyer. They needed time to fabricate a crime because their guy got c ok cought in Canada. That is how they work.

Franklin 1 months

I wonder if China knows the difference between Diplomat (Immunity) & Company Executive (No Immunity)!?

Andrew 1 months

And we just recently found out that PM Blackface is trying to get CAF to train and teach CCP soldiers... PM Blackface cares more about hurting Xi's feelings than taking care of Canadians. Deplorable.. By far, WORST PM this country has ever seen. Freeland is JUST as bad.

Jonathan M
Jonathan M 1 months

The Trudeau government has done practically nothing about this situation.

Howard 1 months

Jesus the CCP just can't come up with any new ideas can they?

Miguel 1 months

China just made a mistake... Canadians are like that younger cousin everyone wants to keep safe

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