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UK and EU still not close to Brexit deal

UK and EU still not close to Brexit deal

British PM Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission chief, issued a statement that they are unlikely to arrive at a deal by this Sunday, their self-imposed deadline. The true deadline is 31 December when Britain and the EU could impose taxes and tariffs on each other’s goods. The main sticking points are over fishing rights and business competition rules.

Hannibal 1 months

Is anyone surprised? The Irish backstop, fishing rights, banking secrecy laws, environmental standards... These were all distractions thrown out to halt any deal from taking place. The EU MUST punish the UK as a lesson to any other would-be exiteers. It's not about equity or trade interests or fair dealing.

Joseph 1 months

That'd be the EU's loss. Good.

Stephen 1 months

So the French can't steal fish from British waters? Sounds like a win.

Andreas 1 months

No surprise. It was always BoJo's plan to go without an new treaty after Brexit. Reminder to US readers and some ignorant UK brexiteers: Brexit already happened. The EU and UK had a year to negotiate a new trade deal. BoJo was never keen on one. The UK actually created the issues that made a compromise impossible. Of course they blame the EU now, but that's just post-factual politics of a populistic moron.

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