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WSJ op-ed calling Jill Biden ’kiddo’ receives heavy criticism

WSJ op-ed calling Jill Biden ’kiddo’ receives heavy criticism

A Wall Street Journal writer was criticized after suggesting that Jill Biden should stop referring to herself as ’Dr’. He called Dr. Biden ’kiddo’, and compared her doctorate in education to an honorary degree. Writing in op-ed, he said ’’Dr Jill Biden’ sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic.’ Critics said the article reflected sexist attitudes faced by many women in academia.

Tom A
Tom A
Alexander 1 months

It sounds like the person who wrote it is just upset that they don’t have a real doctorates degree. Forgetting Jill Biden the author also said that a PHD isn’t as good as it used to be because they lowered their standards. But they themselves don’t have a PhD. They only have an honorary doctorates degree. It really seems like they are just complaining to complain or to be rude. If somebody goes to school and gets a PHD then they have the right to call themselves doctor, they earned it. If they have an honorary title then they have the same right as the author to be called doctor, as even though the author didn’t like it, the author was called doctor for years despite only having a BA degree.

KCooper 1 months

That's the op-ed if interested

George 1 months

Clearly, the author of this piece could not find something more stimulating to write about IMO. With the turmoil in American politics at the moment, one would have thought that the status of Jill Biden’s educational qualifications would not rate a story. This causes me to ask what is the political leaning of the WSJ? I see this a petty piece to denigrate Jill Biden by someone who could not find anything more important to write about. I find the piece to be petty, discriminatory and misogynistic. This is not freedom of speech, rather an unwarranted attack on a public figure.

Alyse 1 months

So doctorate degrees don’t mean anything anymore? I swear people really be thinking Dr just means medicine. 🙄🙄🙄

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