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Nolan slams people calling shift to streaming new movies predates pandemic

Nolan slams people calling shift to streaming new movies predates pandemic

Christopher Nolan in an interview slammed those people who have been putting out the idea that the trend of launching movies on streaming services the same day they are released on theatre predates the pandemic and the health crisis has only accelerated it. The director gave the example of the year 2019, which according to him was a profitable year for the movie business, to buttress his point.

John W
John W 1 months

I hardly watch even TV or movies these days. And when i do i mostly feel disappointed. I can only think of maybe 2 movies that I enjoyed in the last few years. Wonder woman, and alita battle Angel. Both are female leads, but the left still complained they were not woke enough.

IvoryDove 1 months

I've got a number of patents used by billions of people. I get zip. My employer at the time gets millions, but only for a limited time. Some dufus makes a movie and it's guaranteed a protective copyright that lasts for EVER. I'm convinced that the movie industry has much better lawyers than the tech industry. Otherwise, a copyright would only last 25 years and we'd be able to entertain ourselves forever on old movies, TV shows, books and music.

Mozgus 1 months

Theaters are garbage and 98% of movies are too. Time for this entire industry to evolve.

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 1 months

The end of the big movie business.

Rburgoxd 1 months

"Adobe flash player released a new update", why is this here?

Meyer 1 months

I mean I still like the theater experience. I have searched far and wide for good theaters. And there are a few out there I really enjoy.

John W
John W 1 months

Yea they probably don't have much choice at the moment.

CJ 1 months

Nolan, calm down bro, this isn't a big deal lol

AbsentSal 1 months

What's with this loyalty to theatres? This is the future and it's been heading here for a long time

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 1 months

There were some very well made and quite brilliantly acted productuons by Netflix lately. If this and other such enterprises success means the end to Hollywood, that's what I would personally call progress. Sorry, Hollywoodians, your relevance is falling and fast. Welcome to the real world.

Goi 1 months

Buhbye Hollywoke.

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