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China confirms detention of Bloomberg news assistant

China confirms detention of Bloomberg news assistant

China has confirmed that an employee in the Beijing bureau of Bloomberg News has been detained on suspicion of endangering national security. Chinese citizen Haze Fan was detained last week. Over the weekend, the European Union (EU) urged China to release all journalists held in connection with their reporting. China responded saying the arrest is an ’internal affair.’

Jason 1 months

Perfect timing. Now Biden has an excuse to trade the Chinese spy thats been sleeping with the democratic member of the intelligence committee. Get her out of the democrats hair asap.

Jon 1 months

THIS is what is coming for you, leftist reporters. Keep lieing and covering up yhe stories, this is what you will get.

Sigfried 1 months

I find a certain Irony that Bllomberg has been a full on contrarian to Trump suggesting China would love him, but I guess not.

Sebby 1 months


Arthur 1 months

Free 5he world from the ccp ,eliminate the ccp!

Dragos 1 months

Who else can visualize a world government ruled by the chinese rules?

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