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Amazon-owned Zoox unveils its first self-driving car

Amazon-owned Zoox unveils its first self-driving car

After six years of prototypes and a lot of secrecy, Zoox unveiled its first robo-taxi. Amazon bought the self-driving car company in June. The robo-taxi is an all-electric four wheeler can operate for 16 hours between charges but no mileage range was announced. It has carriage-style seating with four passengers facing each other. The car can drive sideways as well as backwards and forwards.

Rose 1 months

I'm there. I have been looking at electric vehicles to purchase, but I may just keep my cherry 2000 Mazda as backup and just hail a self driving car. I'm 71 years old, and don't have an ego for muscle cars. I have tried ride sharing, and got into some pretty scary situations. I'd rather not do that again. But I don't need a high end car, when I don't drive that much. This looks like a great alternative.

Mutatis 1 months

Maybe it is just me, but that is a rather unattractive vehicle.

Sabrina Morris
Sabrina Morris 1 months

Can it avoid children running in front of it? Can it make it around skate boards, hockey nets and sticks left in the street?

Donald 1 months

Stup!d af

James 1 months

I gather Bezos wants a white Persian cat and a monocle for Christmas...

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

I want it to drive me off a cliff.

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