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In Paris, restaurants, bistros & bars plead for work

In Paris, restaurants, bistros & bars plead for work

There was a protest in Paris on Monday. The protests included cocktails waiters, wedding planners,hotel directors & chefs,which totalled to around 1000 people. Everyone was asking for more aid from the government, begging to go back to work & to make money. Restaurant & bar owners stated the government aid is barely enough to keep them going daily. Jan 20 they may reopen if the virus is controlled

David 2 months

Solution? With every lockdown, comes a deduction of salary on every politician. There would be zero lockdowns

harbringer F
harbringer F 2 months

These people are french they may well deserve it. The French have on one hand held imports to ransom theough tarriffs and regulations they forced upon the EU. And on the other insisted on cheap labour being imported so they can sell cheaply to europe. Its only a matter of time till the house of cards falls. And the French people who elect these people deserve it

Red 2 months

This is really a shame. The government needs to give their citizens more aid.

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