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Boko Haram claims responsibility for attack in Niger that left 27 dead

Boko Haram claims responsibility for attack in Niger that left 27 dead

At least 27 people were killed in an attack on Saturday in the Diffa region of Niger. Many others were wounded and some are reported missing. Hundreds of houses were burned. Witnesses and other officials confirmed the attack, which came hours before municipal and regional elections were held across Niger on Sunday. More than 36,000 have lost their lives since 2009 when Boko Haram began attacks.

Andreas 1 months

Guess they needed new child soldiers and girls to abuse. Despicable and barbaric. This is darkest middle ages while people in other places find it too much of a hassle to wear some cotton in front of their mouth and nose. Where are the armies of the world to extinct these brutal creatures?

Katse Kubeb
Katse Kubeb 1 months

“We carried out the attack with the power of Allah and His help,” it said. The group, led by elusive leader Abubakar Shekau, said more Christians could be attacked ahead of Christmas.

martti 1 months

They are not responsible, that's not the right word. They are GUILTY!

coughdrop1989 1 months

So tell me how oppressed you are in america again?

z3phyrus14 1 months

Hey! Black lives matter! . . . That’ll show em’

Montgomery 1 months

Africans being Africans.... And for anyone wondering, I am African

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

BLM...? No...? What about muh roots and whatnot?

Rich 1 months

Her face at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale

Gordon 1 months

Is Joe going to start letting people like this into the US again?

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