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Ghislaine Maxwell asks to be freed on $28M bail and with armed guards

Ghislaine Maxwell asks to be freed on $28M bail and with armed guards

Lawyers of Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, are asking their British client to be freed to await trial under a $28.5m bail package that would include armed guards to ensure she remains safe and does not flee her New York City residence. Maxwell, former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, is scheduled to face a trial in July on charges that she recruited three teenage girls for Epstein to abuse in the mid-1990s.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 1 months

The judge should deny this, no way this privledged child molester should be able to enjoy the comfort of her mansion simply because she has the wealth to do so. That is not justice.

Given Name 123
Given Name 123 1 months

No, no protection. She didn't protect those innocent children how does she need protection?

Charles 1 months

I am afraid if she can put up $28M for bail alone, those guards will wind up being more loyal to her than to the legal system th at put them there. Chapo showed how that is easily done.

Arthur 1 months

Forget it stay in prison your safer there from the clintons!

David 1 months


Juan 1 months

Let her rot in jail

Glen 1 months

She's tied to the Clintons, her days are numbered.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

Hahahaha no freedom for you

Rhokanth 1 months

She just doesn't want to "commit suicide".

R_Forde 1 months

There should be so many other charges if only more girls would come forward.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Maxwell. You aren't the victim here.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

She has amassed quite a bit of blackmail money it seems. She'll "wink out" just like the DC Madame did. And that will end this kabiki dance with the devil.

Doug Star
Doug Star 1 months

I wonder how good she is at KoksuKn

theChildofCain 1 months

Wouldn't it be some $#IT if the judge was like, "well, you are one of 'THE' most hated people in the Nation. bu---t; we do go golfing on the weekends. Also, you are my kids godmother sooo.... Sure! Why the Hell not?"

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