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Scientists plan mission as giant iceberg is on course to collide with island

Scientists plan mission as giant iceberg is on course to collide with island

Scientists are preparing for a mission to the world’s biggest iceberg, which is on a collision course with the island of South Georgia. The A-68A iceberg, estimated to be larger than Luxembourg, broke off from the Larsen C ice shelf in 2017 and has been drifting towards the island ever since. Researchers will fly out to the Falklands on 11 January, and then embark on a voyage to the iceberg.

Jeremy 2 months

so your assertion is, an iceberg separating from an ice shelf is emperical evidence that man is causing a major shift in the planets climate? im not misrepresenting that? because, @midessa, it might amaze you that these events happened long before mans industrial era, along with hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and natural disasters of all sorts. or were you not aware that its estimated the planet is 4.5 billion years old, and has gone through drastic shifts in climate, all with out interference from man. mans presence is a spec in this planets history, insignificant even. is that to say that we shouldnt take steps to ensure that we are being good stewards? no of course not, we should do what we can to preserve the environment. but not with fear mongering and bullshit rhetoric, but honest discussions about potential solutions. putting all of our resources into a made up industry that has a net negative impact on the environment, because on the surface it makes you "feel" like your doing something, is not solving anything and potentially making it worse. there is a documentary called "planet of the humans". which goes into a lot of the issues. while i do not agree with the authors conclusion. he has done his research and presented information that is easily confirmed. TLDR; the "see its climate change" is a stupid arguement without any merit that crumbles under any sort of scrutiny. but, if you want try and to "feel" more important then you really are by all means champion that cause!

Howard 1 months

Is man-made climate change real? Yes. Would the people be able to change it? No. Lowering your carbon footprint will do nothing to change the current situation. You have to hold the largest corporations to account stop trying to make this a cultural issue. Bothe the left and the right did it with masks and we see how that turned out.

Arthur 2 months

Just let it happen science will just screw up!

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Turn on your AC and burn tires. Quickly! We gotta melt this iceberg before it reaches Lego City

Joseph 2 months

Should collect the iceberg to give more water to the USA

MIDESSA 2 months

Sure glad there's no global warming this would be horrible if it wasn't fake news. Right trumpletts?

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