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Ireland fines Twitter around $547,000 over EU privacy breach

Ireland fines Twitter around $547,000 over EU privacy breach

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission fined Twitter €450,000 (around $547,000) over a data breach it disclosed back in January 2019. This is the first penalty imposed on an US tech company under the European Union’s data-protection law. DPC said Twitter took too long to notify about a bug in its Android app that made some users’ private tweets public and affected at least 88,726 European users.

Tom A
Tom A
MIDESSA 1 months

And Twitter says "I'll gladly pay you next Tuesday" lol. I'm sorry does Twitter have a corporate office there? Anything to compulse them to do anything but the middle finger salute?

Hey 1 months

That's a drop in the bucket for them

Jeffery Wells
Jeffery Wells 1 months

Half a million dollars! For 88,000 breaches! That'll sure teach them! Teach them the GDPR is toothless, that is. What a joke. I was worried the GDPR would ruin things on the internet. Turns out it was a paper tiger.

Dale 1 months


Brian of Life
Brian of Life 1 months

Pints are on us lads!!

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